My passion for sailing started when I was 12, during a dinghy course, one summer on the islad of Menorca. I have never stopped sailing since then.

I made it my profession, becoming a skipper and a mechanic engineer. I have sailed and raced in different classes of sailing boats, from the small dinghy of my beginnings to large racing yacht, in different parts of the globe, from Thailand, all across the Mediterranean sea, until the Caribbean sea.

After 20 years my passion for sailing is still intact and pure and it is time to start a new personal project which combines my passion for the sea and sailing with the fun of organizing games and other activities that can be done on a boat.

Being at sea brings all sorts of sensations, from inner peace to pure adrenaline rushes.

Our classic sail boat

The objetcive of our project is to share the passion of the sailling on a classic boat with all those who whants to acompany us on this adventure.

To achieve this in a more innovative and fun way, we have created an Escape Room inside the ship.

The boat is a Formosa 41 sailing ketch, built in the 70’s on the previously-named Island of Formosa, the current Taiwan.

Once built, she sailed west, arriving to Canada with his first owner and after several years and trips across the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean, the boat arrived in Spain. For the past five years the boat stayed in Ibiza waters , and in 2020, after a short time on the shipyard she arrived to Barcelona to stay and enjoy this sailing area.

With fiberglass hull and wooden masts, the boat conserves its classic lines and the sophisticate details of his original construction, bringing the sensations of an old type of sailing.

Changing lifestyles

Takarabune 宝船, The treasure ship

In Japanese folklore, during the first three days of the New Year, the Seven Lucky Gods pilot the Takarabune (宝船), or “Treasure Ship”, a mythical ship, through the heavens and into human ports caring all kind of treasures.

The gods carry with them takaramono (宝物), or treasure things, including the hat of invisibility (隠れ笠, kakuregasa), rolls of brocade (織物, orimono), the inexhaustible purse (金袋 kanebukuro), the secret keys to the treasure shed of the gods (鍵 kagi), the scrolls of books of wisdom and life (巻き物 makimono), the magic mallet (小槌 kozuchi), the lucky raincoat(隠れ蓑, kakuremino), the robe of fairy feathers (羽衣, hagoromo), and the bag of fortune (布袋 nunobukuro).

Waiting to share our treasures with you

Our Values




Out of the box thinking

Passion for sailing


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